Daniel Bruns is a notoriously seductive electronic music producer, DJ and event promoter from Hamburg Germany. He has been in the business as a DJ since the 90s, seeing his first release in 1997. PIAS Recordings, recognizing his extensive knowledge in the field of electronic music recruited him in 2000 as a DJ promoter where he worked to establish artist such as Mr. Oizo, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Blaze and many more. Due to his success and resounding resonance from his DJ Crew, PIAS promoted him to the “Special Marketing Team” where he coordinated and oversaw the production of over fifty compilations of electronic dance music, including editions of the “D.Trance” series as well as his own brainchild, the “Eye-trance” compilations vol. 1-10.


After leaving his beloved PIAS, Daniel felt it was time to focus on producing tracks under his complete authorship, not that this was new to Daniel, at that point he had already released remixes on vinyl. He published his first records with self-written material in 2005, featuring the “Discey & Burns” collaboration. In 2007, Daniel founded the progressive house label “deepdub” with fellow artist Peer Schmid, starting with the vinyl release of their joint projects “Smith & Burns” and “Big Audio”. In recent years, Schmid and Bruns have followed up with three more labels: “Cirque du Son” that kicked off in 2012 featuring Deep House, Tech-House and Techno followed by “Opium Records” in 2014 focused on House and if that was already not enough in 2015 they established their “Neon Startdust Records” catering to the Nu Disco department.


As an artist that has not only created music but also brought this music directly and physically to the people it is thus a logical consequence that for a long time now Daniel Bruns continues to branch out into event productions. Check out some of the well-known club and festival formats he has created such as the ZOO series or “Cirque du Son”. The latter being a live festival spin-off of the aforementioned renowned DJ gigs with fascinating performance artists.

And when the show is over, Daniel Bruns and his music will still be available to you. So on a more intimate note: Unwind, put your feet up and listen to his show on FRISKY Radio. FRISKY is a worldwide streaming enterprise for electronic music bringing you DJ mix sets from renowned artists from across the planet. Once a month, Daniel hosts his own show called “Cirque du Son”. Sounds familiar? Of course it does.